Words of a world, strange though wonderful.

Dusking Glimmer

Frailly erected upon two twigs

within the hallowing walls of the dusking sun beam,

I’m encircled by the furious winds of a weirdo’s no-mans-land.


This land encompassing me

is one violated by its own submission

into visionless ignorance.


I stand here,

the temptation to reach through;

exposing myself into the obscurities around me.


Is it within this light that I am being misguided?

Is it the world beyond holding the truth

from which has deceived me time and again?


There’s only one way to find my path,

be it dark and unkind, I must step out of my life

into the world that whirls in frightening speed around me.


I gaze through the purifying threshold

feeling the eyes of the nocturnal creatures

piercing from far beyond.


They know me;

they see me,

fearing what they don’t understand.


This world is too small,

I walk amongst the folks I coexist

within these cruel existences.


I gasp… my skin tightens…

I take one last look up into my dusking sun;

“I wonder how you shine in the world beyond!”