Words of a world, strange though wonderful.


Nightfall has spilt its ink

staining the landscape with its morbid hue.


The moon stares and bleaches

the oily water with thousands of winks.


A mountains silhouette

carved the abysmal blue


of the nighttime horizon…

the purgatory of our sins.


The power of Gods eye

thrusts through the darkness


and the spotlight of his white iris

pierces the blackened hue that is our sins.


Satan resides deep in the oily depths

where he and his plague of followers drown in sin.


The lords light shall be visible here,

though not so brilliantly,

as Styx is dyed in a pitchy tinge.


Far above the freezing, muddy floor of Styx,

the dampened air of purgatory clouded in mist;

illuminated by our Fathers starry eye.